Film Post Production

MatteMaker VFX Pvt.Ltd.

Studios specialize in tasks like Roto,Paint and Compositing.
We are flexible with our team strength according to work load.

MatteMaker VFX

MatteMaker VFX Pvt.Ltd. dedicated to elevate specialized tasks like Roto, Paint and Compositing. We tend to square measure adaptable with our team strength appreciate work load. we develop content and make state of the art visual mental imagery for full-length feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live action and hybrid movies and special venue attractions. Our team has economical expertise of dealing serious duty comes at the same time maintaining the schedules and manufacturing quality final outputs. we believe that running a successful visual effects company is dependent on attracting and retaining the best talents. It’s not a factory. We are a consistent and responsible partner for the world’s VFX Industry.

our Projects

our Services


•  VFX Roto
•  Stereo Roto
•  Green/Blue Keying
•  Matte Extraction



• Tattoo Clean-ups
• Wrinkles / Crow’s feet Clean-ups
• Beard /Hair Removals
• Acne scars/Age spots removal
• Digital Beauty makeup


• Crowd Duplication
• Monitor Screen Comp
• Mobile Screen Comp
• Set Extension
• Bg Replacement


• Camera Tracking
• Object/Layout Tracking
• 2D Tracking
• Stereo Camera Tracking
• Body/Face Tracking


• Wire Removals
• Rig Removals
• Camera/Reflection Removals
• Crew/Object Removals
• Clean plate Creation
• Dust/Scratch Removals

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